We build web systems that turn visitors into members and help nonprofits thrive. How?

Tech Stack  

It's a very simple question about a very complex question. 

If you're a new association or membership-driven brand looking to harness community, that question is challenging enough. But if you're an existing membership organization with legacy systems for tracking members and donations, this is likely one of the most pressing issues that you need to address. 

Congruity Works is here to help. We specialize in using Drupal as a connection layer to surface data to members, donors and staff. 

Let us help you develop a strategic, measured, consistent engagement model for your outlet, so that you can go deeper with every reader and make a lasting impression right away. 


The building blocks of your technology stack (membership database, email platform, event management tool, website, etc.) need to work together to help you keep the members you have and grow membership overall.

Our customers want – and we help them build – efficient and more manageable membership technology systems, where components can talk to each other and management can monitor performance of their marketing plans via integrated dashboards. 

We build systems that have the potential to access everything from an individual’s membership status, level of support, app subscription status, historical notes to event attendance histories. 

Regardless of your particular revenue streams or platforms, we can integrate them.

Our team has deep expertise in Salesforce, Stripe, Recurly, Zoom, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, MailChimp, and other related systems.

If you're interested in developing a site that works exactly the way you need it to, let's get the conversation started.

Staff Education & Support 

When systems are efficient, people end up doing more work that delivers results — and less busy work.

Our best-in-class systems approach allows our clients' staff to be more productive, reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks and free up time to focus on supporting growth.

A core part of our business is training your staff on how to use the tools we’ve created together. And because you can’t always predict when complicated questions will arise, we’re also available to offer ongoing support via your preferred communication channel from old fashioned phone calls to Slack. We also offer optional ongoing weekly check ins.

We’re here to build and maintain systems and support the people using them.

Expertise | Tech support, Staff development, Project management, Meeting facilitation

Don't let your data get stuck on your website, in your database, or in your email management system. When it comes to relationships, there's way, way too much at stake.

Data Management

Does every person at your organization have access to clear, accurate data? If any of your teams currently have isolated data insights—either in an individual record or as an aggregate trend—you’re missing an opportunity to make meaningful connections with your audience. Our goal is to understand how your customer and reader records are built and maintained, so that we can offer your team a seamless data management experience. We’re experts in Customer Relationship Management software (CRMs) like SalesForce, RedHen, Engaging Networks and Bloomerang, and we specialize in solving complex data management issues.

Expertise | Salesforce, Bloomerang, Engaging Networks

We're here to build innovative websites, databases, and tools that get used to their maximum capacity, and we want you to feel prepared to use them. 


Get started! Call us at 412.450.0539 or 312.505.7461 send us an email at tim@congruityworks.com.

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"Congruity Works helped us think through what our tech needs were in detailed and big picture scenarios. From there, they delivered solutions that really took advantage of the technology available to exceed our expectations for design and functionality."

- Kate Lesniak, strategist and facilitator