About Congruity Works

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Are your tech systems talking to each other the way you'd like them to? 

It's a simple question about a complex problem. If you are a growing organization, you likely have data about your donors and members spread across multiple systems. 

Are you ready to graduate to a system that gives you the tools you need to grow your email newsletter and database and have them talk fluently to each other? 

We help connect the dots and build systems that work 

The building blocks of your technology stack (membership database, email platform, event management tool, website, etc.) need to work together to help you keep the members you have and grow membership overall. 

We believe you should own the connection layer between those systems. 

Our customers want - and we help them build - efficient and more manageable membership technology systems, where components can talk to each other and management can monitor performance of their marketing plans via integrated dashboards. 

We build systems that have the potential to access everything from an individuals memberships status, level of support and app subscription status to historical notes and event attendance histories. 

Regardless of your particular revenue streams or platforms, we can integrate them and help you unlock new potential in the connection layer itself. 

We help our clients' employees too 

When systems are efficient, people have more time to focus on high-value, strategic work. 

Our best-in-class systems approach allows our clients' staff to be more productive, reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks and free up time to focus on supporting growth. 

We're looking forward to hearing about your organization's membership needs. Please reach out and we'll have one of our project leads get right back to you.